Technical Sessions

Developments in prediction techniques

Maarten Hornikx
Peter Svensson

Experimental methods in room acoustics

Takayuki Hidaka,
Akira Omoto,

Music rehearsal rooms and stage acoustics

Jens Holger Rindel,
Jin Yong Jeon

Performers adaptation to room acoustics

Paul Luizard,
Kanako Ueno

Room acoustic simulations as a tool for performance-based design

Louena Shtrepi,
Dario D'Orazio,

Room acoustic perception

Stefan Weinzierl,
Michelle Vigeant,

Curved Architecture in Acoustics

John O'Keefe,
Eckhart Kahle,

Design fundamentals and strategies for concert halls and large auditoria

Chris Day,
Margriet Lautenbach,