FAQ for Authors

Abstract: Do I have to submit an extended abstract if I want to orally present my paper?
Yes, if you wish to present your paper orally, an extended abstract is compulsory. This means that you have to submit a short abstract (< 200 words) and an extended abstract (500-750 words).

Abstract: Can my submission be rejected based on the review of the extended abstract?
No, authors of all submissions meeting the common standards of scientific level and relevance get the opportunity to present their work, either orally in the plenary session, or by a poster.

Abstract: My subject does not fit exactly to one of the conference sessions, what shall I do?
All subjects related to room acoustics are welcome, and it might happen that your subject is not matching perfectly with the session topics. In case of doubt, please select “Other” from the sessions-list when submitting your short abstract, or consult the Technical Committee.

Abstract: What are the criteria for extended abstracts to be selected for oral presentations?
The Technical Committee decides whether an oral presentation or a poster presentation is assigned to an extended abstract. The criteria include: a) the author preference, b) the program balance, c) advise of the reviewers d) compliance with the abstract submission guidelines. A detailed description of the criteria and procedure can be found in the call for papers.

Abstract: Can I submit more than one paper as first author?
No, you can submit only one paper as first author. Of course, you can co-author other papers.

Paper: Is it compulsory to submit a paper (full length manuscript)?
No, it isn’t. But you are strongly encouraged to submit a full length manuscript to the proceedings.

Paper: Will all full papers be reviewed?
All long abstracts will be reviewed, but not necessarily all full papers. As first author, you can select whether you prefer your paper to be reviewed by peers.

Paper: If I select to have my full paper reviewed, can it be rejected for publication?
If the reviewers rate the quality of the paper very low, the Technical Committee may decide not to publish the paper as an ISRA paper. The authors are still allowed to present their work on the conference, but without the paper being included in the proceedings.

Paper: Will my paper be copyrighted?
The copyrights of the work remain with the authors. See also the text of the authors agreement within the "general terms and conditions".

Paper: Is my paper available through open access?
All papers will be archived as ISRA proceedings at https://publications.rwth-aachen.de. DOI will be assigned.

Paper: Where can I find the template for the paper?
can find the template in the "Downloads" section: Template for the full papers included in the proceedings.

Young Acousticians Award: When can I apply for this Award?
To qualify for applying to a Young Acousticians Award, the first author should be aged under 35. A full paper should be submitted.